As part of the curricular reforms, this new English Textbook (Blossoms) for Class – 6 is being presented in such way that it meets all the level specific learning outcomes prescribed in the NCERT from time to time. This book also meets the standards followed by textbooks that are in vouge in many advanced countries across the world.  Language is presented in a graded manner across the lessons. Lessons are so designed to sustain the interest of the students and meet the aspirations of parents and educationists.

In this textbook, the lessons begin with a Pre-reading to keep the children active and lively, followed by Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar and Poem. The listening, speaking, reading and writing are evenly focussed along with the Fun time for joyful learning and reinforcement. QR codes are incorporated in the beginning of each lesson to enable learning outside the classroom.

The textbook has given importance for foundational learning which includes the basic mathematical concepts like computational skills, algorithms and the necessary glossary to acquire the subject knowledge. The mathematical concepts in the textbook are developed based on the themes like Number System, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration and Statistics.

In this textbook, twelve lessons have been incorporated on the themes like Food, Natural Phenomena, Living World, Natural Resources, How things work and Materials. In order to reinforce the concepts, several projects and activities are given to inculcate scientific temperament. Questions are framed for each lesson to recapitulate the conceptual understanding and to achieve competencies required for project works, drawings and model makings. Each lesson is provided with eye catching illustrations to engage the children. The key concepts of the lessons are included under key words
and the salient features of the lessons are given under the title “What we have learnt” for the review of the important concepts. An effort has been made to relate the scientific concepts with the reallife events thereby developing and promoting scientific temperament.

6th Class Telugu Text book pdf file CLICK HERE

6th Class HINDI Text book pdf file CLICK HERE

6th Class ENGLISH Text book pdf file CLICK HERE


6th Class MATHS SEMISTER-1 (2023-24 NEW)

6th Class MATHS SEMISTER-2 (2023-24 NEW)

6th Class MATHS Text (E.M)  book pdf file CLICK HERE

6th Class SCIENCE Text  book (2023-24 NEW)

6th Class SCIENCE SEM-1 TEXT  book (2023-24 NEW)

6th Class SOCIAL  TEXT  book pdf file CLICK HERE(E.M)

6th Class SOCIAL SEM-1 TEXT  book pdf file CLICK HERE(E.M & TM)

6th Class SOCIAL SEM-2 TEXT  book pdf file CLICK HERE(E.M & TM)

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