This textbook, “Our World through English” class VII, is an integrated one in the sense it has The Main Reader component, The Supplementary Reader component and The Workbook component interwoven into a single textbook. Hence, these components are found in each and every unit. The language skills like listening, speaking, reading, and writing are integrated in the larger context of the themes as suggested in NCF - 2005.

The activities are so designed as to ensure the holistic treatment of language.
The main aim of teaching English is to help learners evolve themselves as independent users of English. I hope this textbook will help teachers and students achieve this by making the teaching-learning process effective.

We have begun the process of developing a programme which helps children understand the abstract nature of mathematics while developing in them the ability to construct own concepts. The concepts from the major areas of Mathematics like Number System, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration and Statistics are provided at the upper primary stage. Teaching of the topics related to these areas will develop the skills prescribed in academic standards such as problem solving, logical thinking, expressing the facts in mathematical language, representing data in various forms, using mathematics in daily life situations.

Science teaching should promote the spirit of knowing and experimenting
rather than keep these abilities dormant. The traditional attitude of treating science as a body of facts, theories, principles and information needs to be transformed. The re-learning of the true nature of science must happen as recommended by the National Curriculum Frame Work-2005.

This book will help you to study different aspects of our social life - about diversity of land and people, about how people get their livelihoods, how people provide for their common needs and manage them, how all people in our society are not equal and how people try to bring about equality, how people worship different gods in different ways, and finally how they communicate with each other and build a culture which is shared by
them. To understand some of these matters you may have to study about the earth - the hills, plains and rivers and seas; to understand others you may have to know what happened hundreds or even thousands of years ago; but most of all you may have to go out and talk to different kinds of people around you.


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